Mateen attacked gay night club Pulse in Orlando before being shot dead by police. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri 3/3 By Daniel Levine | SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO The FBI on Monday arrested the wife of the gunman who killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub last year, a massacre that intensified fears about attacks against Americans inspired by Islamic State, officials said. Noor Salman, 30, is being charged with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terrorist organization, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said in a statement.Salman's arrest came seven months after her husband, Omar Mateen, went on a hours-long siege at the Florida club that ended when police killed him. She was due to appear in federal court in Oakland, California on Tuesday morning. "Certainly I can confirm that an arrest did occur in this case," Attorney General Loretta Lynch told MSNBC. "We said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of this shooter's life to determine - not just why did he take these actions, but who else knew about them, was anyone else involved?" Lynch said. Salman, who has a young son by Mateen, was arrested at her home outside San Francisco, The New York Times reported, citing an unnamed law enforcement official. Salman has moved at least three times since the attack, attempting to avoid the news media, The Times said. The daughter of parents who immigrated from the West Bank in 1985, Salman was repeatedly questioned by law enforcement interrogators after the club attack, telling them she was with Mateen when he bought ammunition and conducted surveillance of the club. But she denied any involvement in the attack or any knowledge of her husband's plans, she told the Times in an interview published on Nov. 1.

The seven beats the shooter and all of those betting his point; but it wins for the darksider. Does that make the community of players cheering the shooter a happy bunch? If you have spent any amount of time at the craps tables, you will note that almost all darkside players tend to be quiet, unobtrusive and will often try to be on the corners of the tables nearest the dealers. Why is that? The rightside or do players (those betting with the shooter) usually have a marked disdain and dislike of the darksiders. Some rightside players despise the darksiders and they find great joy when a darksider loses. Indeed, you will often see a double cheer when a number is hit that many rightsiders are betting; that double cheer is for winning their bet and the darksider losing his bet. That is about as communal as a game can get. A shared joy, a shared sorrow, a shared enemy.

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